Terms & Conditions 

Please read these general terms and conditions carefully, because booking your stay, you agree to the rights and obligations given. 


General information

check-in time: 14:00
check-out time: 11:00 

Late check out will be charged as an extra day. 




Contract closing
The reservation request must be made in writing through email or reservations form. The contract between Nalua and the guest takes effect as soon as the reservation request is submitted (implying the guest accepts general terms and conditions), and then confirmed and invoiced by Nalua. The booking is valid and locked in as soon as the credit card has been charged. In a case there was any problem or the payment was unsuccessful Nalua will contact the customer.


All reservations are subject to availability. 
Non-confirmed or unanswered replies to emails responding to inquires, request, or reservations (including unpaid reservations) will not be considered valid, giving the company a chance to resell the room. 
All request and reservations are subject to prices and conditions at the moment of booking. The prices and services stated on the invoice apply, although prices and services may change on the website by the time of your arrival. 
All packages and options requested by the guest are locked in at the moment of booking. You may request for change, however there is no guarantee, as these plans are made for you as soon as the booking was made. The minimum age for booking is 18 years, however we can make exception with parental consent. 

State of health/physical fitness
When booking the guest confirms that he/she is physically fit and has no condition or injury that can be affected by surfing and other activities stated. In order to participate, swimming skills and general fitness are required, as our guides and surf coaches should not have to give special attention and coaching to one participant and spending less the satisfactory time with the other participants.

Insurances and travel documents

To join Nalua Surf Camp it's mandatory for you to purchase individual travel insurance through an outside party before commencing their trip. Travel/medical insurance can help cover travel cancellation cost, as well as medical insurance for any treatment required during your travel. Keep in mind that sometimes you need to be specific insurance to cover injuries incurred while surfing.

Travel Documents
Each guest is responsible to organize the necessary documents for his/her travel. Passport (at least 8 months valid) and (at least 2 empty pages), and visa. 

Payment conditions

Upon receiving the booking confirmation or confirmation via email (if email payment transfer), the invoiced amount will be deducted full in euro, from credit card (exchange rate on the day of the booking).
If paid with Paypal a 4,5 % credit card surcharge applies.
If paid with bank transfer note that you might be charged by your bank, Nalua will not stand for any bank fees. 
Onsite payments: Any additional products consumed during your stay at Nalua shall be paid at reception before check-out. (local currency cash payment only)

Surf camp: To confirm your booking with us we require a 20% deposit of the full value. The deposit must be made within 48h after received invoice. The remaining amount must be transfer within 14 days before arrival or your booking will be cancelled. 
All payments require a photocopy of the transaction to be sent to us to confirm your payment. 

Accommodation: We need the payment in full to confirm your booking with us.


Cancellation and rebooking

Cancellation by the customer: Fees apply
Cancellation more than 2 months before date of arrival: we refund your booking value minus 6% (administration fee) and banking fee. 
Cancellation less than 2 months before date of arrival: we refund the booking value minus a 20% deposit fee.
Cancellation less than 2 weeks before your stay no refund. 

In case you want to change the dates of your booking we hope we have availability, if not the cancellation policy applies. However be aware that this must be done at least 2 weeks prior to departure and at an administration fee of €20.

Cancellation by the company
Nalua reserves the right to cancel the contract under extraordinary circumstances. If the booked services can not be provided or if there are conditions that present unacceptable danger to the participant, Nalua has the right to cancel the contract. Payments already made by the customer will be refunded. Any cost incurred above the invoiced amount will not be refunded.

In case of epidemics, storms, catastrophes, earthquakes, volcano eruption, strikes, political unrest, war, terrorism etc, Nalua will not stand for any refund of cancelled booking. This should be covered from your mandatory travel insurance. 


Prices and Services


  • The customer excludes Nalua from all responsibility from any claims, damages, losses or expenses that any one or more of his/her executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors or assignees may have in conjunction with his/her participation in activities conducted and organized by Nalua, and against any cost including legal fees that are incurred as a result of any claims, losses, damages or expenses, whether valid or not.

  • Nalua cannot be held responsible for any disturbances or injuries (noise, bites, stings, allergies, rash, etc.) caused by animals or nature.

  • Nalua cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries at the property .

  • The customer is responsible to cover any damage to equipment that belongs to Nalua (sheets, pillows, toilets, surfboards, etc.).

  • Nalua cannot be held responsible for any loss or stolen goods on the property of the company. It is the customer's responsibility to lock all doors and windows when outside of the room, and while sleeping.

  • The customer releases and holds harmless the company, its employees, and agents from all claims, damages, losses and expenses (including legal cost) during or in conjunction with his/her participation in activities run, or organized by the company, Nalua, which may arise from, but are not limited to any injury, illness, material damage, personal damage, accident, or death to the customer or to others.

  • The customer is responsible to inform the company of any and all chronic disease or physical health issues (including and not limited to, allergies, past injuries) prior to departure. This is for the safety that we can prepare what we may need to deal with. The customer therefore accepts the risk and may not hold the company liable for any health impairments resulting from his/her chronic disease or physical health issue and/or not informing the company of this.

  • Nalua cannot be held responsible for accidents/injuries of any kind and of any origin (surfing, hiking, walking, driving, etc.).

  • Nalua is able to organize a car or motorbike for rent for the guest, but the company only organizes and does not rent the transportation. Therefor, the company cannot be held responsible for any injury or accident which results from the quality of this equipment, or from using this equipment.

  • The customer whose name is given for the booking is the only person who is able to utilize these services.

  • Nalua provides quality, well trained staff for all surf lessons and tours, however Nalua cannot be held responsible for any accidents/injuries resulting during or in conjunction with the surf session. The customer is responsible for cost for repair of any damaged equipment caused by the customer. If the customer does not arrive on time for scheduled lesson or trip, Nalua reserves the right to leave without the customer.

  • Nalua cannot be held responsible for surfing conditions. This may mean a non-surf, or a change in location which may take longer than expected. Nalua cannot be held responsible if the surfing conditions are not up to the guest standards. The surf lesson will not be refunded on basis of surf satisfaction.

Exclusion of participation

The participant is required to follow the instructions of the company and its staff. If the customer conceals physical/health issues, is unfit, acts irresponsibly or causes disturbances to the health or image of other participants or the company, it’s reputation or it’s employees the customer may be excluded from participation. The customer will be given one warning by the company. In the case that the customer is excluded, the company will not be required to refund any cost already paid, nor any cost remaining unpaid but already incurred by the guest. 

Data usage and protection

The customer agrees that he/she may be filmed and photographed during his/her stay, or during his/her participation in activities. The customer also agrees that Nalua may use such recordings for promotion/advertising purposes without any prior consent. The customer has the right to terminate this agreement. The company will respect any written termination to use personal footage. Nalua agrees that all footage will be tasteful and never used in a detrimental manner. 

Ineffectiveness of individual provisions

The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the general terms and conditions, does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. 

Place of Justice and Applicable Law

The place of jurisdiction and applicable law is the place of the residence of the company. Legal claims against the company shall be governed in all respects and in accordance with the laws of Indonesia. 




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