Say NO to plastic

“We are what we leave behind”

Life is about footprints. Some people are aware of this, others don’t. It’s all about choices. We can leave smiles and good impressions behind, or we can leave good work behind. But some people leave damage and trash behind without thinking about their footprint and what serious consequences this will have on the ecosystem, on marine animals and on mankind.

Single-use plastics are a worldwide problem, not only an Indonesian problem. It doesn’t matter if you go to a beach on Lombok or a public park in Germany. You will find plastic straws, cups, bags and many other interesting trash items everywhere.

Especially being a surfer, it’s horrible what is floating next to in the line up. Plastic bottles with shells on the outside - which means this bottle must be in the ocean for a long time. Shoes, fishing nets, candy packaging, diapers, needles, toothpaste and much more.

Think reusable - not disposable.
What can you do on a daily basis?

  • Try to avoid food which comes in wrappers.

  • Don’t buy drinks in plastic bottles. Bring your reusable bottle and fill it up. Especially when you are living in a country with drinkable tap water. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, put a piece of lime in it and enjoy.

  • Say no to plastic bags for your shopping. It doesn’t matter if you buy new clothes or your weekly groceries. Bring your own bag - either a cotton tote bag or a shopping net. Put it in your purse, your car or scooter so that you will always have reusable bags with you.

  • Don’t use plastic straws. Ask yourself if you need to drink out of as straw or just bring your reusable bamboo, metal or glass straw.

  • Try to use recyclable and compostable materials.

  • SPREAD THE WORD and be a role model to others. You can make a difference!

If you are looking for cool bags (cotton and bamboo) or straws (metal and bamboo), the Nalua surf shop offers both. Visit us and pick your new piece.

Lombok needs your help!

 Kuta Lombok - Earthquake

On Sunday, August 5th North Lombok and the Gili Islands were hit by an earthquake reaching 7.0 on the Richter. Over 350 people were killed and many more were left injured and homeless as over 50,000 buildings collapsed. They are in great need of drinking water, food supplies, medicine, clothes, tents, blankets and much more.

Here down in South Lombok where Nalua is located we could feel the shake which was scary but no one here has been injured and there has been no damage to any of the buildings. In Kuta Lombok all the hotels and restaurants are open as normal and our amazing community is now coming together to help those affected in the North, but we need your help too. 

 Kuta Lombok - Earthquake - sunset

How can you help? 

Blood Donations
If you're in Kuta Lombok at the moment you can help by donating blood for the victims. This can be done at Medical Practice on Jalan By Pass Kuta Ketapang in Kuta, South Lombok. 

Fundraising at Milk Expresso
Tonight 8th of August Milk Espresso and Batu Bambu will hold a fundraiser party at Milk Espresso that is located next door to Nalua. 
2 for 1 all cocktails and live music by Raga. All profits for the night will go towards Peduli Anak Foundation which is an organisation based in Mataram which provides for underprivileged children. The homes and schools of the children were destroyed in the earthquake. Let’s get together and help the kids as much as we can. Hope to see you all there. 

Peduli Anak Foundation 


You can also bring any donations directly to one of our drop off points at Pipe Dream resort here in Kuta or leave it with our staff at Nalua. What we are in need of now is drinking water, food, medicine, clothes, diapers, tents & blankets. You can also donate money, even a smaller amount goes a long way. 

Online Donations
If you are outside of Lombok but still want to contribute you can do so directly to Lombok Forgotten Children.


Visit Lombok
Lombok needs the tourists now more than ever. The areas in the south were not affected by the earthquake and hotels and restaurants are open as usual. The people need your support to be able to keep their businesses and their employees. Many people working in the south have families that were affected in the north that they need to support. Our amazing community is doing all they can to support the victims of the earthquake but we can not keep on going without the support from all of you. 


Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims of the earthquake. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. 


Surf Lombok


Here is a short break down of the surf spots around Kuta, South Lombok.


 Segar Beach, Lombok


Segar is a local break located 10 minute drive from Kuta. Intermediate/Advanced

You can paddle straight out from the beach. There is a Right and a Left, however the Right is more often working. This is a reef break, that is very shallow at low tide. The wave is shifty and quick. Normally a short wave, but you may get a long ride. It tends to work best on a small swell. Mornings and afternoons are best time, as it is open to the wind.  Nice place to sit and watch the surf or the sunset. 

 ekas lombok indonesia - nalua surf camp


A boat ride to the next bay after Gerupuk. About 1 hour from Gerupuk or 30 minutes from Awang.

Inside Ekas: Beginner/Advanced
It's a nice mellow A frame. Needs a big swell to break. Easy take off, nice long ride, and usually uncrowded. 

Outsides: Intermediate/Advanced
Outside Ekas is a heavy right hander. The wave is very tide dependent. Needs medium swell to be working. Long wave with barrel.

 Inside Gerupuk Lombok


A fishing village located about 20 minutes east from Kuta. You catch a small boat to your choice of 5 different breaks (depending on swell and season).

Insides: Beginner/Intermediate
Insides is a beautiful, mellow, long right hander that is almost always working. Reef is soft and covered with grass. Good wave on a medium swell, and can hold big swell also. Ideal for an intermediate surfer working on take offs and turns.

DonDons: Beginner/Intermediate. 
DonDons is an A frame wave. Needs a medium to large swell to break. Reef covered with grass. Easy take off with a long ride. Nice for beginners on a smaller swell. 

Outside Left: Intermediate/Advanced. 
Outside Lefts is a very fast A frame. Shallow with sharp reef. Swell magnet, so best on a smaller swell. Have to get it on the right swell and season, but when it is working it can be a very nice wave. Barreling sometimes.

Are Guling

First bay heading west out of Kuta.

Are Guling is a large bay with a Right and a Left. Both are reef breaks, but plenty deep on mid to high tide. A ten minute paddle out to the wave. Can hold all swell. Works in wet season, on-shore in dry season. The wave varies depending on swell. Can be playful, fun, long ride with a nice wall or a fast long barreling wave. 


About 30 minutes west out of Kuta.

Mawi is known as a beautiful left barrel. But also offers a shorter right hander. Shallow on sharp reef. Off shore in dry season. The wave is fast, hollow, powerful and barreling. You can paddle straight out from the beach. Beautiful small bay, tucked away in paradise. 

Selong Belanak

About 30 minutes west of Kuta.

Selong Belanak is most tourist “favorite” beach. Long white sandy beach, with a perfect beach break to learn the basics of surfing. You can nearly always find a wave with no fear of reef or a long paddle. Ideal for a day of hanging on the beach and surfing.