Level up your language skills

Bahasa Indonesia

Are you already traveling through Indonesia or your next trip is about to start? It is always helpful and worth it to know a few basic words of the local language. Even with knowing just 10 words, the people will respect you much more when they know you are at least trying to learn their language.

How to talk for example with an older man or woman? You must call him Pak, (From Bapak – Father) this is like calling someone Sir and it is rude if you do not use this title when speaking with them. Similarly it is the same for an older woman and you must address her as Ibu (mother) or just Bu for short.


Halo – Hello

Selamat pagi – Good morning (until 10am)

Selamat Siang – Good Afternoon (10am – 3pm)

Selamat Sore – Good Evening (3pm – 6pm)

Selamat Malam – Good evening or good night

Selamat Tidur – Sleep well or good sleep

Selamat Jalan – Safe Journey

Terima Kasih – Thank you

Food / Drinking

Makan – Eat

Minum – Drink

Air – Water

Ada air minum? – Is there any drinking water?

Pedas – Spicy

Panas – Hot

Dingin – Cold

Garam – Salt


Satu – One

Dua – Two

Tiga – Three

Empat – Four

Lima – Five

Enam – Six

Tujuh – Seven

Delapan – Eight

Sembilan – Nine

Sepuluh – Ten

Seratus – Hundred

Juta – Million


Ombak – Wave

Besar – Big

Kecil – Small

Ada ombak? – Is there a wave?

Pantai – Beach

Laut – Ocean

Kapal – Boat

Papan – Board

Guru – Teacher

More useful words

Berapa – How much? (Berapa can be used to say how much or how many)

Berapa harganya? – How much is the price?

Jam Berapa – What time is it?

Boleh – To be allowed to or may do something

Minta – To ask

Boleh saya minta … – Can I please have … (Used when ordering food)

Mungkin – Maybe

Bisa – Can

Bicara – Speak

Coba – Try

Bahasa – Language

Inggris – English

Saya – I/me/my

Anda / Kamu – You (Formal/Informal : mostly used when addressing older/younger persons)

Permisi – Excuse me

Ya – Yes

Tidak – No

Nama Saya ……. – My name is ………

Siapa Nama Anda/kamu? – What is your name?

Mau – Want

Apa – What

Di mana – Where?

Ini / Itu – This / That

Saya mau itu – I want that

Apa itu? – What is that?

(Anda/Kamu) Mau ke mana? – Where are you going/Where do you want to go?

Suka – Like

Saya suka itu – I like that

Saya tidak suka ini – I don’t like this

Di mana ………? Where is …….?

Dari mana? – Where are you from (country)? (literally, from where?) You will be asked this a lot.

Ada – Is there are or there

Jam – Hour/time

Have fun practising and enjoy having a chat with the local people during your travels.