Lombok needs your help!

Kuta Lombok - Earthquake

On Sunday, August 5th North Lombok and the Gili Islands were hit by an earthquake reaching 7.0 on the Richter. Over 350 people were killed and many more were left injured and homeless as over 50,000 buildings collapsed. They are in great need of drinking water, food supplies, medicine, clothes, tents, blankets and much more.

Here down in South Lombok where Nalua is located we could feel the shake which was scary but no one here has been injured and there has been no damage to any of the buildings. In Kuta Lombok all the hotels and restaurants are open as normal and our amazing community is now coming together to help those affected in the North, but we need your help too. 

Kuta Lombok - Earthquake - sunset

How can you help? 

Blood Donations
If you're in Kuta Lombok at the moment you can help by donating blood for the victims. This can be done at Medical Practice on Jalan By Pass Kuta Ketapang in Kuta, South Lombok. 

Fundraising at Milk Expresso
Tonight 8th of August Milk Espresso and Batu Bambu will hold a fundraiser party at Milk Espresso that is located next door to Nalua. 
2 for 1 all cocktails and live music by Raga. All profits for the night will go towards Peduli Anak Foundation which is an organisation based in Mataram which provides for underprivileged children. The homes and schools of the children were destroyed in the earthquake. Let’s get together and help the kids as much as we can. Hope to see you all there. 

Peduli Anak Foundation


You can also bring any donations directly to one of our drop off points at Pipe Dream resort here in Kuta or leave it with our staff at Nalua. What we are in need of now is drinking water, food, medicine, clothes, diapers, tents & blankets. You can also donate money, even a smaller amount goes a long way. 

Online Donations
If you are outside of Lombok but still want to contribute you can do so directly to Lombok Forgotten Children. 


Visit Lombok
Lombok needs the tourists now more than ever. The areas in the south were not affected by the earthquake and hotels and restaurants are open as usual. The people need your support to be able to keep their businesses and their employees. Many people working in the south have families that were affected in the north that they need to support. Our amazing community is doing all they can to support the victims of the earthquake but we can not keep on going without the support from all of you. 


Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims of the earthquake. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.