Nalua Surf

Nalua Surf was born on the tropical island of Lombok, Indonesia. We strive to give you an unforgettable experience while getting closer to the nature and learn one of the most amazing sports. 

Nalua was founded 2014 by Jennie Nielsen from Sweden and Osisaputra from Lombok. Nalua started off as a surf shop but has now also opened up its own surf retreat and accommodation. Osi has been working in surf camps around Bali for many years and loves to teach and share his passion for surfing. Our amazing instructors are all from Lombok and knows all about the waves and beaches around Kuta and will bring you to their favourite places.

About- Nalua Surf camp Lombok - bali -  Indonesia

"After traveling the world Lombok was the place I could not leave. I fell in love with the white sandy beaches, the waves, the food and the culture. The whole experience and lifestyle this island has to offer makes it hard to leave."

– Jennie Nielsen